Battery wont charge properly ! Please help me

okay so i built this 10s 4p pack and used brand new cells, all cells started at 3.6 volts!. After the charger was pluged via a charge only BMS the voltage went to 38.2 volts but the pack stopped charging at this point. i then checked all cells and found that two had gone to 4.10volts and 2 cells in the group had gone only 3.6 volts. After fully discharging the pack by riding. the cell at 4.10 did not change but the cell at 3.6 was now at 2.8 volts. After manually balancing the pack, where now the cells are all at 3.7 volts pefectly, i want to know what i should do. Please let me know what i have done wrong.

Where did the cells come from?

Are they all the exact same cell from the exact same place?

2.8V is super-dangerously low. Don’t discharge ANY p-group that low again. Any past that, and you will physically damage the cells.

yeah NKON,samsung 22p was on sale. plenty of current for my setup. BOUGHT ALL cells at once and were all checked. Alll NEW

Do you have any pictures of your battery and the wiring?


Are all of your balance wires solderd properly?

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Are you talking about cells or p-packs when you say cells?

yes the blance wires are soldered correctly

yeah sorry for the confusion, the issue is now fixed, turns out i was missing a parallel connection in the pack, its balanced and should be working but ill test that tomorrow.

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Thought so :slightly_smiling_face:

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dude post the pic of the battery anyway. doesnt hurt to get some more eyes on it.


for sure. all good, keep in mind that my spot welder broke half way through, hence the soldering… also all the tape is temporary whilst i wait for my capton tape to arrive

IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5261


yeah forgot to mention thats on its way also. Thank you

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The balance wires crossing over the nickle welds is usually frowned upon. The balance wires should be routed down the center of the pack where it can’t come into contact with any welds

Please don’t use that pack till its properly insulated and for definite don’t charge it unattended. Post the pictures and enquiries in here too where a team of experts will be able to get you sorted.

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yeah ive only done a quick test discharge and charge. ill post the pics on that thread now

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