Battery won't turn on

Hello, this is my first build.

Need help to get my battery to turn back on after I think its been over charged.

Battery: M boards 12s4p with built in BMS Nominal Voltage: 44.4V Capacity: 12000mAh Power: 518.4Wh Cells: Samsung 30q Weight: 100oz (2.8Kgs) Connection: XT60 Female connector

I had everything connected, the battery was at 100%. Went for my first ride and upon hitting the brakes the battery shut off. When I pressed the power button it would flicker on but not stay on. After 3 days it just randomly stayed turned on when I hit the power button.

Hooked my setup up to VESC tool, was playing with the throttle and brakes and it shut off again. Its been about 6 days and it still won’t turn on.

Voltage at the terminals is reading 33.5 Volts. The battery was at 100% when it worked. Any advice is appreciated.

BMS probably blown up. Maybe it didn’t like the regen current? First mistake there…