Battery work + other related quetsions

If it does not change much for you (in terms of tax or shipping cost…) just might as well try that hoverboard battery! if it works decently… and doesnt give out only 10A… you might be able to still ride it quite okay… just my little opinion :smiley: sorry for not trying a low discharge battery…

some ppl like @Ackmaniac should be able to tell how it is to ride on only 20A of power (at 10s li ion)…

I would love to try, but I’m just too afraid to after all the fires and such with them, and that was even when drawing less of a current. when I figure out if they are legitimate or not then that will be the 1st thing i’ll do!

I found a few lipos, could you give me your opinion?

Or I found another with the same, but 25c discharge. Would you say those would all be basically the same?

Thanks -Sean

Looks good to me for ‘‘starter’’ setup…

Im not sure whenever there is a big difference between turnigy and zippy… both seem adequate… and somewhat respected in the rc hobby community…

if youre in doubt check on google what RC hobby ppl say about turnigy and what abot zippy’s…

Turnigy’s seem to be quite a bit cheaper… will probably save about 15usd in the end. if you choose turnigy’s it seems…

Sorry about forgetting about the hoverboard fires! That has really fallen out of my head haha… I think it usally happened with non-genuine cells… with these I believe all sorts of things can go wrong lol… especially if the circuit / protection on the board itself is not the greatest… should look it up one day… what really has caused all of these fires for them!

I think just get 3 of them the same… dont cheap out with 20usd extra usd… at least you will know that all of these have come from about the same time/specs… and shouldnt differ that much between each other

Alright, perfect thanks. I’ll probably go with the Turnigy ones, just because I have also heard good things about them.

As for the fires, I believe it was due to the way they were put together. Some were soldered wrong and others literally had broken cells just in the packs!

Either way- just glad mine didn’t go on fire.

Thanks -Sean

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yep, stick with turnigy’s… at that price it is quite a good deal… should get enough range anyways… have you decided on what esc / motor speed controller to get?

I think with 9s… you dont have that many options now ha

Sorry for the late response, been busy with school and such.

I’m gonna go with a VESC and a 190kv motor from DIYeSkate. Seems like decent prices, and I’ve heard good things.

That BMS is 10S right? I’m gonna buy a 30$ broken hoverboard in order to salvage its parts and that one of the main components I’m looking for.