- region blocked?

Just a heads up that is having issues with checkouts for the US region. I think they are working on the issue, but at the moment i can’t make payment from the US and they seem to have a message on their site stating that you should contact them at their email address if you are having issues placing an order.

So if you need BMSs and chargers from them, you might be in for a wait. I’ve got a few things in my cart that i need.

It’s always something, isn’t it?

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30% shopping for parts, 30% waiting for parts, 30% dealing with shipping and ordering issues, 10% building and riding.


Their site seems to have some serious problems, from Germany it is unreachable 25% of the time

Ive always had trouble getting anything shipped from them. Seems they have had problems with customs for some time.

so i guess we’ll see how their “order by email and we’ll send you a paypal pay link” system works until their shit gets together. They confirmed my order and took my money, so far so good.

I need three BMSs and three chargers and i’m not in the mood to test other vendors for this shit again at the moment. Not after my experience with the DOAs from Bestech.