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Battlebots w esk8 components

For those who don’t know, the reason i got in to this hobby is i found this site while i was building my sumo robot for a competition in japan.

Now my team and I are contemplating building robot for participating in NBC’s battlebots 2017.

And i feel confident that esk8 motors + vesc can be used for this purpose.

Now at the moment we’re just kicking ideas around. Our initial idea is to go 4wd, 6372 or bigger motors. Have a spinning drum design as a weapon, the drum consisting of 2 6372 motors.

Run the bot at 48V nominal, low to the ground, heavy armor 3/4" harden steel.

Kick some ideas around, don’t forget, i like to Keep It Simple Stupid


lol interesting…

Always open to sponsorship :wink:

But i’ll cad a serious design first, i think having sensored motors is important for this application… But then again the sensors can get fried for some reason and then you have a 250lbs paper weight