BEAR First esk8 build with detachable enclosure

My first Esk8 build, behold… BEAR, made a 3D printed enclosure that clamps onto my landyachtz 37 inch drop carve deck because I use the board without the drive aswell. 300 km on the clock now and I only had some problems with the motor plate and the clamping onto the trucks but the enclosure is holding up great! Also 3D printed a custom enclosure for the gt2b remote which is quite comportable in my hand. Im suprised by the power of this small motor, I get up almost every hill in my area without problems! Im thinking of upgrading to a dedicated esk8 motor and a 10s2p battery with new abec 11 97mm wheels. But im low on budget at the moment so not sure if its worth upgrading.


Single Sk3 5055 320kv Focbox vesc 6s battery 216 Wh Metr bluetooth module Max speed 45 km/h

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