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Bearings (10mm)

Current bearing - 6000 RS 10mm x 26mm x 8mm (Chinese TNT brand)

Looking at these:-

NSK 6000ZZ

Can anyone make any recommendations?


From the product description:

“Primarily intended for applications where the bearing inner ring rotates. If the outer ring rotates there is a danger that grease may be lost from the bearing at high speeds”

These sound like they’re designed for a different industrial purpose. You could try them, but from the description it sounds like they might not last too long.

I think that we need more information about the application you’re planning on. There are bearings specifically for 10mm axels that work with skate wheels right? What do all the MTB riders use?

Just after a decent set of bearings to fit 10mm axle for an eBoard – I’m not really up to speed with what’s good and what’s not, Google searches were a little confusing.

It’s the inner ring that rotates on original bearings so thought those industrial ones would be ok - the need to spin is about extent of my knowledge.

I expect there is a decent range available for MTB and ATB, hopefully someone on the forum can make a recommendation before I buy something unfit for purpose.

If you’re using them as wheel bearings on 10mm axles you should be fine, the max rpm and dynamic loads are way below anything you’d ever encounter in that application.

You’re currently running RS bearings which are rubber sealed on only one side (hence RS and not 2RS).
The bearings you linked are ZZ bearings, which are double metal shielded bearings, which offer a better seal against dust ingress but not against fluids, because the metal shield doesn’t touch the inner ring.

If you plan on using them in wet conditions, you’d be better off with a 2RS bearing, which has rubber seals on both sides but has a slightly higher rolling resistance.

Long story short: those 6000 ZZ bearings will do. For that price you can afford to replace them after a couple hundred km.

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@dogeatgod I think I’m confused about what “inner ring” means here… I was thinking that the inner ring is the 10mm ring in the middle of the bearing; which is static and locked in place by the speed rings and bearing spacers on a skateboard axel. Wouldn’t that mean that the “outer ring” is the one rotating?

In either case, @trbt555’s response is far better than my own… follow his advice! :slight_smile:

You’re right ! I missed that description.
In a skateboard wheel the outer ring rotates and the inner ring is static, which means the entire contents of the bearing is subject to centrifugal forces, possibly causing the grease to eventually leak out.

But I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this, skateboard wheels don’t really rotate that fast: when you’re doing 35mph on 90mm wheels, your bearing is spinning at approx 3330 rpm, which is a tenth of what it’s rated for.


Thanks @trbt555 it’s good to know that I’m not totally crazy!

You are quite right about the speeds we use in eskate… they aren’t nearly high enough to matter compared to most industrial applications.

@dogeatgod despite all this, why not just buy some from a skate company like this:

Yup, those are double rubber sealed bearings.

Ah, yes, I’m an imbecile. I held the bearing in my hand and rotated the inner…

Those bearings are 28mm mine are 26mm, but thanks for link – I’ve just spoken to Trampa and my wheels and axles are not standard.

I converted a couple of those heavy DC motor mass produced Chinese eBoards – wheels look like this.

There are still plenty of retailers selling these boards so am sure I can a set from them – I’d just hoped to get a higher quality product.

Went back to RS website and am spoiled for choice.

10mm 26mm 8mm Menu

Thanks for help and advice :grinning:


Waved my Polish partner off at the airport, fitted Italian bearings to my board, skated to the Chinese, now drinking English Cider……probably watch some Lesbian porn later – Cosmopolitan or what!


Thats a beautiful sentence

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