Bearings alternative cleaner question

Apart from acetone or rubbing alcohol what else can I use to clean my bearings with before I lube them up ? (I want to do it tonight and want to use anything I can find in my house !)

you can use gasoline, or nitro You for sure have one of those at home

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Orange citrus cleaner/ degreaser.

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This shit works wonders!!! Get you a bones bearing cleaner jar and you’re set. I usually use compressed air to remove any left moisture and then you have spins for days.

Thanks , all wheel bearings are sorted now found cleaner under my sink and can of air spray in my van But clicking noise is still happening and I think it is the motor bearing and I don’t believe I can strip and clean those ones ? My mate has told me they are the metal shield ones , I haven’t stripped motor yet , does anyone know where to buy replacement bearings for a 190kv 6374 ?