Bearings, pulley vs wheels. 10mm

The pulleys are not supporting your weight, while the wheel bearings support your weight, and take the pounding.

And so, I am thinking, that any old bearing, will work longterm, on the pulleys, while the wheels could use higher quality bearings. Am I right in thinking this?

Also, are pneumies a lot easier on bearings?

I am considering going ceramic. BUT, there are a few considerations.

Seismic has bearings, that have the spacer built in. But, they only use one shield I think.

Bear has a ceramic bearing, with two rubber seals, but no built in spacer and speed washers.

NOONE makes a 10mm speed washer, and only surfrodz has 10mm spacers, and they are 20 bucks.

Which bearing would be a better choice? I have CNC machined aluminum hubs, and so, the bearings dont wiggle. Do I need spacers, to clamp down on bearings? Would having an open on backside bearing be OK?

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