Because you can't 3D print belts

I really like this design but I have never been a big fan of using the motor mounting bolts to adjust tension or in this case to adjust the backlash. What do you think about making the intermediate gear adjustable with a vertical slot? Might make it easier to change the ratio too?


Hi, I didn’t design this but as he said the design was inspired by me

So yeah the design can allow for adjustments in backlash and can also incorporate different ratios if designed correctly

I was actually inspired by your motor mount and wheel pulley design… The way you use the bearing it works great


Actually, that’s a really good idea; I have side to side positioning for the idler gear to adjust it against the wheel gear, but having the play be vertical could work as well and allow for backlash adjustment.

Garage door openers use plastic gears, for the specific reason they want them to fail so you have to buy a new door opener.


That makes total sense to me