Been having intermittent issues with nano x. Looking for solutions

I can get my nano x receiver and transmitter to work fine bench testing it but a few times I’ve been out riding and stopped to talk and then I can’t get the two to bind once I turn off the transmitter and receiver. I’ve never lost a bind once it has been established.

Seems almost like a temperature issue? It’s still around 50 F (10 C) when I’ve had the issues after riding for a bit. My house sits around 72 F (22 C) when I never have issues with binding.

I had to send mine in to have it repaired. It didn’t bind from the get go. I think it was something to do with a crystal and solder?? Anyway I wonder if a part of it is light on solder and disconnecting intermittently. Just a guess. Try sending a pm to @carl.1 they were very good with helping me.

Good luck

Yeah they’ve already emailed me just after I posted. Just went for another flawless run and got back and tried to turn off and on the receiver and transmitter and they failed to bind again. Strange issue. Appreciate the reply.

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