Beercan Build | Alien 6355 | 2 x 4S 10000mAH | 83mm Stickies | VESC | Enertion nano-x

I’ve been a member on here sucking in the amazing amount of knowledge on these forums trying to find the best solution for my needs. It started when I saw someone on my flickr feed making and eskate based on a beercan boards deck and I was hooked.

Without a lot of thought I ordered the deck and it’s great.

Beercan Boards - 35 "Oat Soda Drop-Through Deck Black

I only ordered the deck, but for some reason it came with wheels and trucks. Sadly I’d already ordered some trucks and the wheels would be too small and not work for the pulleys.

I went for the standard Caliber II trucks in black.

Next up I want to get a motor and a motor mount in the UK to save on shipping. I went with the Alien drive options for these.

Alien 6355 HEV Outrunner brushless motor 190KV 2400W

Alien Drive Systems Electric longboard DIY kit 63mm motor

Now my original plan was to go with pneumatic wheels. This was for two reasons:

  1. The pavement and road quality around here is terrible.
  2. To give me better ground clearance for the batteries, due to the deck choice.

I research loads of options and decided to go for some Skike 125mm wheels and tires. I ordered these from Skike and then got a local machine shop to machine them down. Thanks to the advice from a couple of people I knew they needed 1cm machining off the inside and the bearing carriage adjusting to suit.

Skike 125cm wheels and tires

It was not without it’s headaches, one wheel shattered when being machined. Luckily I ordered 6 so had some spares!


I picked up a pulley for the skike wheels and they look super

I got them mounted onto the trucks and it’s looking awesome

Unfortunately this is where I ran into an issue, basically the wheels are too big for this deck. There is not enough clearance when turning and I was going to get terrible wheelbite.

I tried various fixes, including moving the trucks to a standard mount instead of drop through. I even 3d printed some risers to give me even more clearance, but alas it’s not going to work with some drastic deck modification.

3d Printed Risers

However with the risers in place I remeasured the ground clearance for my batteries and it’s now no longer an issue. They are higher than the trucks so won’t be the lowest point on the board.

So I researched some other alternative wheels. In the end deciding on the Trampaboards Stickies in 83mm size. As they were a great price and UK based.

Trampa Stickies 83mm

The board is looking ace with it’s black and red theme. Mostly I didn’t go out of my way to pick a colour for the parts, it just ended up like this.

Next up was the batteries, I originally wanted 10S with loads of capacity, but looking at the space I had I ended up going for 2 x 4S 10000mAH options. The Turnigy Graphene Professional 10000mAh 4S 15C LiPo Packs to be precise.

They ticked the box for size and capacity and were on offer at Hobbyking so I ordered them. I wasn’t expecting them to come so well packaged!

Turnigy Graphene Professional 10000mAh 4S 15C LiPo Packs

Next up is to work out the best way to mount the batteries to the board. I need to get designing some brackets and covers. At the moment, I plan to mount the batteries at each end in the middle of the deck and put the vesc between them. I will need to make some attachment brackets and a cover. I think the cover will be either aluminium or carbon fibre depending on my final design.

I hope that all make sense, I will update this post when I have progress. I’m still waiting on my VESC to arrive from Enertion and I’ve preordered the new Nano-x controller so that will be coming soon hopefully. I picked up a GT2B in the meantime so I can at least get started before that arrives.


Curious as to the performance of the graphine batteries

Build looks good


Thanks, I am too, as I’ve not seen any other builds with them yet.

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Would be nice to see, how much range he gets with the street wheels.

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@gordy Great build thread! Did you consider trucks with a wider hanger? Paris 195s might work, especially if combined w a riser.


I thought those Trampa wheel where for 10mm Axles?

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I thought it was 12?

I just checked,…they have them in 9.5 & 8 mm

They have these for longboards:

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I didn’t see any wider ones and given I already have these ones and the wheels it seems easiest to stick with the erm stickies :smiley:

I might save the skike’s for another build in the future.


How do you like the Enertion Nano X?

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I’ve not received it yet, to my knowledge none have been shipped yet. :slight_smile:

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How did the 4s 10000ma batterys work out what range km/miles did u get out of them,

Not had a chance to get it up and running yet. As I have been snowed under. I’ve done most of the main wiring now, at least so I can get the vesc and remote up and running.

Dude, I’ve got the same board in Purple, and I fucking love it.

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It’s about time I updated this log. Progress has been slow, life and other projects keep getting in the way. Basically’s further along and just needs me to pull my finger out and finish it!

Jobs left to do: Finish wiring Make a cover for the electrics Set up the electrics and remote.

I’ve been doing masses of 3d printing and design work to allow me to mount all the parts in place I went through many many different designs for each part. This isn’t even all of them!

My VESC arrived

As well as my remote

I designed and printed some end covers and strap mounting points for the batteries

I made a mounting bracket for the VESC which came out well

I’m getting there with all the mounts now. Most of the brackets created above have been redesigned again due to space issues.

Here is a test layout to see how things will work. The batteries are held in place by velcro straps. These were sewn onto my brackets. It feels really solid and secure


sweet build, but fair warning, you’ve put power on these two screws


Fair point. They are not touching each other, and go into plastic not metal. However I will put plastic washer on them during final assembly. Thanks for pointing that out.

The design of that bracket has changed a lot since that picture was taken too.

the screws will still touch the inner barrel… plastic nylon screws?

Yeah I’ve got some of those here somewhere. That seems like the best plan.

In other news, I’ve hooked the vesc and motor up and done some playing. So at long last I had the motor spinning!