Beginner build mountainboard (please help me)

Hi everyone, after a lot of reading I feel I end up with more questions than answers. I bought a moutainboard a few years back for low wind situations but barely used given that when the wind was enough it was also enough to kitesurf :p. So I thought of recycling buy making an E MTB out of it.

The board i have is a Kheo kicker ( ) What I would like is a range around 12Km, a top speed closing to 40/45 km/h and a decent hill climbing capacity. (And i am around 75 Kg)

At first I wanted to go for a single motor set up but after some reading I am wondering if I can achieve what I want with it.

The TorqueBoard motors 6380 170kv or 6374 190kv seems relevent I would go with the ESC from DIYeletricskateboard For the battery i hesitate between follwing the path of @Namasaki with or getting on from (Like the 12s2p). What would be the difference if I was to had one more pack in Namasaki post and make it a 12s1p in terms of capability ? (adding a BMS and a sparkless switch ?)

The mechanical part is the one giving me the most trouble as it seems that most kits, and user non-pneumatic small wheels (80-90 mm). First i think i whould have to change the trucks (both or only the driving one ) ? but would i have to change the wheels too (they have holes that seems viable to put a pulley) ? And then what mounts/belt/pulleys would you recommend ?

As it is my first build I would tend to buy from the same shop (for conviniecy and shipping cost ) and DIYes seems to offer most of what i would need

Adding to a remote and a charger (Are there things to look for in a charger ?) I would have all i need.

Do you guys have some advise on top of all my (many) questions ? I will greatly appreciate any help or comment !

I also had a Kheo Kicker (with 9" wheels) for landkiting and wanted to convert it to E-MTB because of seldom use. I bought chains, sprockets and tried to make it fit, it was not possible because the plastic hubs wobbled like hell, no way. If your hubs wobble like mine forget it. I lost money and time. In the end I sold it and bought a Trampa, much better. Not that their hubs don’t wobble at all (unfortunately) but not comparable to Kheo.

You would need different trucks and hubs because otherwise it’s hard to get motor mounts and pulleys, too. My advice: keep the Kheo for kiting and buy a (used) Trampa or MBS board for E-MTB. I wish I would have kept the Kheo, no more kiting.

If you can afford it I would choose dual motors, much better for offroad.

12s2p is too weak, 12s4p-6p would be better or buy lipos. I use 12s1p 8Ah lipos and get 20km range. But range is never enough :wink:

For a begginer board I would just go with lipos because all you have to worry about is charging

Thanks for that input. So changing trucks and wheels wouldn’t do the trick ? I would just use the deck basically, or is it to bendy/ flexible?. For now I would like to try out single motor set up get the gest but having a set up that would make easy to add a second motor I feel the need. (since it can easily add a 250 euros to the cost) When you put cells in series (like it is just the voltage that adds up ? I would need to put them in parallel to increase the Amp values right ?

I could be that a motor mount for Trampa ATB trucks fit the Kheo trucks, they look similar but I’m not sure. It seems like you are based in France so you could try this mount:

They are nice guys, I’m sure if it doesn’t fit you could send it back.

At least you would need 1-2 rear hubs. Available aluminium pulleys AFAIK: For Trampa Superstar 60T, 66T, 72T. For Hypa 66T or 72T. For MBS hubs 72T.

The Kheo deck is not too flexible at all, compared to my 16ply Trampa deck it is very very stiff.

Yes but it would be easier to connect 2 lipos in series only, e.g. for 12s 2x6s. A 12s 5Ah pack would give you a range of max. 12,5km. You can buy 8Ah for about 20km or even bigger for more range. For MTB it’s better to mount everything on the top of the deck so no need to make a flat pack. Also you can choose cheaper 30C lipos like Zippy’s or bigger 8-12Ah 15C Graphenes.

I have a single motor eMTB build. It’s very good for on road use. Even hill climbing is decent as long as you start climbing with some initial speed. Starting off in the middle of a hill doesn’t really work. The single drive is good enough for my use case and I’m happy with it. The top speed is somewhere around 50 km/h, which is more than I can control.

For offroad, it’s not very good though. I would only recommend it if you’re going to do on-road or very light offroad terrain with no hills. Otherwise, get dual drive or you’ll be disappointed.

BTW, here’s my build page. This too was the first build for me. I got a lot of good advice about the components here on the forum. I managed to stay on a fairly low budget but didn’t buy any crap. I’m happy with the setup so far.

ok thanks it is starting to get clearer for me! Maybe it is a stupid question but i 'd rather be sure : you can mount any type of wheels on any trucks ? I mean do 80 mm wheels and 200 mm MTB wheels have the same inside diameter and close enough width to fit on the same trucks ? cause i dont mind changing the trucks for something more polyvalent that will enable me to try those regular wheels with only a change of belt and pulley. Because I am a bit curious about the different feelings.

Thanks Janpom for the input, thats the kind of information i wanted to know. Just took a quick look at your thread but i ll definitely read it in depth (and probably get some inspiration from it :wink: )