Beginner DIY build tips/help wanted

Hi new to the Esk8 community and in need of some assistance. I pretty much know what kind of battery and motor setup i want just dont know what components would work best together. I want to have a 12s8p battery and dual 6374 motors. The question is what board, trucks, wheels, enclosure, gear ratio, vesc, controller, bms etc. I was wanting something similar to the Evolve Bamboo GTX setup but have read a lot of bad reviews about their products quality. I like the design of the GTX deck and the DKP trucks just dont know of anything similar of better quality. Any help will be much appreciated.

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You beat me to it😕

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12s8p on first build! That’s a lot

Ive read and searched plenty on this forum. But thanks for the generic reply that you probably give most new users :kissing_heart:

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Everything your looking for s already on the forum, just do a little searching bud

Searched plenty, I think not bud image

3h is nothing, look at @J0ker3366 read time and get on his level, then say you’ve searched through the forum.

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Well Mr. Man bun (hipster name), your read time is only 3hrs and it clearly shows you havent search for shit. So here let us do it for you.

To run dual 6374 you will TB 218mm trucks. Everyrhing else besides the vesc is your personal prefences. There! Go build your board.

Dont start no shit wont be no shit.

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Lmao thanks for that but there are so many others who have sooo much more read time than i do.

I know, too lazy to look for others. Everyday, we get another noob thread asking what to use on their board. It gets annoying when you have 20 different people asking the same question that’s already been answered on the forum. Don’t take it personal, just do some more searching and you’ll be good to go.

3hrs since the account was created. I was turned to this forum way before i created an account. But like I stated “new to the Esk8 community”.

Bruv. Go to search and put in “dual 6374 trucks”. You get your answer within the first result. Omg that was so hard… Weve heard the same old song and dance before…

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It took me months to start my first build, an easy 3 days of reading through the forum to be exact. That’s 72 hours of helpful feedback that has been written already in the forum

And for the record no shit talking just stating the obvious

We are stating the obvious, use the search bar brotha, all your questions are already answered

Its only given to new noobs who think we are going to do the leg work for them. Thats for the record as well :unamused:

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Better yet, here.

Dude has 1hr read time and is being helped. Why you might ask? Because he shows that he has actively search what he is building.

We cant tell you what board you will like because you may not like what we like (comfort wise). Please, do your research, get us a parts list of what you would like to use and we can go from there. We’re more than willing to help as long as you help yourself first. Fair?

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10-4 will create a parts list and go from there.

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Can I just ask what have you been searching up(as in @KaramQ) image

Pranking kwebbelkop with jelly (cheating prank)

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It’s my younger brothers tablet, little crazy man. That’s actually funny though, hahahh