Beginner - My first build! I need help what to choose!

Hi, I have been researching Eboards for quite some time, watching videos of people making them inspired me to want to make one myself. I have around £200 to £300 which is around $300 to $400. I believe I would be able to create my own mount and things like that; which I believe would cut costs. I would like to go around 25 mph. I should be able to pick up a cheap board or even make one myself so do not add that in to check list. What do you think? If you can post some parts I could look into, that would be great! Thanks.

I believe I need:

Motor ESC Controller Battery Belt and Cog

Kind Regards Chilt

I think you need to look into that thread: new-builder-list-of-known-and-commonly-used-parts

@hexakopter The problem is I do not know what works best with each other, plus I do not know what is best for my needs. Thanks though!

It depends on your weight, and your terrain. Are you planning on climbing some hills?

I am 15, quite skinny only about 5ft 3. I would only be climbing 2-3 hills if that. What would you say?

Thanks, I dont quite understand what the difference is with kv motors. What is best for me?

low kv = more torque, lower top speed high kv = opposite of low

In short: the lower the kv the less top speed but the more torque you’ll have. Anything between 149 and 250 is usually recommended. You need to calculate your desired top speed - look at my build I have a link to a calculator in there. Sounds like you need to do some more reading…

Where did you buy your remote from as it looks good as I do not want to be carrying something big around with me. Thanks though for all your help!

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The gt2b is from amazon - but you can gdt them at a lot of places. The shell is 3d printed. Just google badwolf mod at you should find some tutorials

If you’re aiming for 25mph, 149kv might be too low at 6s. And 25mph is fast, full face helmet would be recommended, and elbow and knee pads too.

I disagree - it all depends on the gearing you use. As you can see I use 20/28 which reaches 40km/h at 6S

[quote=“Maxid, post:12, topic:4523”] gt2b

What motor would you recommend? Could you link it? And what do you mean by gearing?

It seems like you have not done a lot of research yet. Try to read some builds and you will find the answers for basic questions like this. Also have a look at this:

You might want to consider hub motors for your build. Since your light weight, you can get good performance with hub motors even at 6s. With hub motors, you won’t need to buy or build mounts and you won’t need to buy trucks because there included with the motors. There are several options curently for hub motors. And Hummie who you can reach on this forum. Jacob’s and Hummie’s motor are completely enclosed in the rear wheels. Carvons are longer so half the motor is in the wheel and half is exposed.