Beginner noob problems

Hello everybody. I am a complete beginner to building electric skatebaords. I ordered a plug in and play esc off ebay as I was wanting to keep this build cheap as its my first one so I thought I would build it on a budget. However I have ran into some issues. I bought a streetwing 6374 motor yet the jst on and motor is a 6pin and the one on the esc is a 5 pin. So there anyway to change this? . I have had a look at the motor yet don’t see anyway to take it apart and maybe solder a 5 min JST somehow? Any help would be much appreciated.

What color are the wires? Usually if you have 6 wires on the motor or means they have a temperature sensor which in your case you will not use. The other 5 wires are positive, hall sensors and negative

Share a picture on here of the 6 pin motor connector wires, that should help us work out which wire is the thermistor. Can probably hack the connector to make it work.

hello and thanks for the reply. Thats the 6 pin JST on my motor . The jst connector on my esc is only a 2.0mm 5 pin.

Could the temp sensor be the orange or the yellow?