Beginner setup/compatibility check

I’m new to the entire scene and after what I believe to be sufficient research I’ve got my first parts list. I’m ready to pull the trigger and order it all, but I just wanted to double check and post here that everything compatible and there are no major bottlenecks or anything else I might be missing or can do to improve. This list can also be used by anyone in the same position as me. If anyone actually takes the time to look through some of these parts then a million thanks to you!

Deck - (might go with a pintail not sure)

Trucks(Calliber 2 50 deg) -

Wheels(83mm flywheel) -

Motor mount -

Pulley/gears -

Motor(6355 180kv) -

ESC+Remote -

Batteries(21700, 10s2p) -


Charger -

Battery monitor -

And finally for the battery pack I believe I only need 2 14 gauge cables( 1 pair of xt-90 connectors(, and the nickel strips(

This is everything I’ll be getting nothing more nothing less. I don’t think anythings missing but of course that’s why I’m posting. For anyone looking to build a setup in total this is right about $450 and all the calculators I’ve put it into say I can get around 20-30 mph, and just under 20mi distance. Any feedback from anybody more knowledgeable at all is extremely helpful. If you made it this far thanks a ton!

motor mounts can destroy like everything.

here’s a short list

  • motor pulley

  • motor itself

  • belt that cost 5 bucks and takes months to arrive

BE SMART get something more tried and tested.

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you definitely messed up there mate x’'D

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The soul of esk8s are screws


Get locktite simply put :wink:

Also shipping costs so you sure you’re not losing 100s by picking from vastly different sources?

That ones on backorder but I will look for a better one, thanks

Yep I’ve got some thread lock

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Most of them are free and fast shipping except eBay for the deck👍

What do I need to fix on there?

well I have a massive box of connectors wires soldering iron solder copper connectors you name it kapton tape fishpaper rings and so forth,.

also stuff like silicon heat wrap I mean yeah there are many many small parts you require.

all and all If you aren’t skint or broke just go for it you’ll learn rather fast that way.

also I’d up to 90mm+ on the wheels adleast just for clearance sake.

this is a chinese ESC and remote, even a flipsky (V)ESC would be better than this and those are 50 bucks on aliexpress. i would suggest to take a look around this forum maybe for some good deals on second hand parts

we can hope they found some sense