Beginners Guide to building your own Electric Skateboard Drivetrain

I think chain is louder… I’ve never used it so if someone could chime in that has to confirm if that’s true.

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I actually ordered one of those exact kits today, just wanted to try it out. I’ll post back now it does.

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Any news with the sprocket drive chain?

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Not yet, they had stock issues and it just shipped saturday. Ill update when I receive it.

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Looking forward to it! :smiley:

Hi there Onloop thanks very much for detailed info, it gave me a good view on how things work :+1:

i would like to participate on how to increase the speed to 45km/h for that example ‘’ please correct me if i’m wrong as i’m new to all of the as well, i’ve ben reading you post all day :slight_smile: ‘’ perhaps either

changing the wheels size from 83mm to 87mm would incrase the speed… or changing battery voltage from 24 to 42 if possible. or using a 17 theeth pulley instead ofof 15theeth
‘’ not sure if the diamater of these pulleys are that much of a diffrent ‘’

quistion: if using a dual motor, how would you calcuate the voltage, is it simply adding both voltage or theres a diffretn way?

finaly i have a question if you could help me :slight_smile: i’m planning and preparing to build a back mounted dual motor long board, whit a slightly higher speed than your example, i also want to use circuit board like arduino for controlling the motors and other things making the board more light, less components and having many usable functions, is it possible to just use arduino for each motor and other stuff or there , are more electronic part need to be used for a complete electric skateboard?
thanks :+1:

But how do you calculate torque regarding all this

Hey Guys i have made a electric skateboard using a 400kv prop drive motor by Turnigy, it has 60A rating and the drive train has 12- 36 Tooth pulley. and i have used it to reach speeds of 25kmph. i am not very good skateboard rider but i will try to push it to max speed later. It pushes my friend ahead who weighs 90kg From full stop… but takes about 3 to 5 seconds to reach the 5kmph speed after which motor can move without much resistance… My question is: Will a 60kg person be able to go up a slope with elevation of 10degree?

Where do you guys get your motors now that Enertion is not selling pretty much any parts now?

Love your videos watched literally all of them! So helpful and explain things in basic terms for us noobs,

I want to build a setup that will go 55kph or 34mph

Budget is no issues, money is no object, just want to build the best, Really love the new Evolve GTX would love to clone that board basically.

Wondering what parts kit I should buy for this, wondering motor and battery voltage I should run at, would love to use some wider than normal wheels if possible

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hi jason , im new here to the esk8 community… can i have your opinion of my board? its mono drive 6374 190kv, 12s 18650 battery , 13/36 ratio, 83mm wheels. thank you so much and anyone who could also share their opinion please it would be much appreciated

that is literally my first build except with a little bit more speed due to higher battery voltage, I had to change my 83mm to 97 though to suit my roads which just shredded my 83s up, electronically though Id prefer your board over evolve or boosted ect

That’s awesome to here! Didn’t the 97 make the speed too fast? Do you recommend that in the future if the 83s won’t work for me and I end up getting the 97s to change the gearing to 13/40?

To hear ** lol sorry

on paper the 97s would take the board 52km/h but in real world conditions it didn’t have enough torque to fight the wind resistance so it never got over 47 for me. I think depending on how you ride and the terrain your wheels may last a lot longer than mine, I kinda murdered my wheels, but yeah that gearing would work nicely with 97s :ok_hand:

hi guys . because of shipping problems i could only get a 10s battery. (10s3p…) would this setup still be good with 13/36? this really sucks but i guess i will still get 35 km/h.

shame, I currently use a 10s 3p space cell and I wouldn’t mind a bit more power though. with 97mm wheels and that gearing ratio you can see about 45kmh which is nice, about the same amount of torque as a raptor mono I reckon, with 83 mm wheels itll be a bit slower but itll have way more torque

i would’ve bought a 90mm wheel set but the crapy service from diyes thought it would be appropriate to tell me they cant ship the battery after everything already arrived

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egh, only stuff I’ve bought from them were mechanical parts like trucks and mounts, yeah 90 mm wheels seem like a good medium between 83 and 97, actually its exactly in between aha, there are other people on this forum who could possibly make and custom battery for you but I’m not sure how theyd go about shipping

Yea my problem is only shipping to here… even hobby king couldn’t

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