Belt drive Skullboard wheels - SOLD

I have a set of 4 skullboard airless wheels, 2 of which have been modified to take pulleys (40t, 15mm belt - pulleys are included).

Never been ridden, just modified for science :+1:t2:

I paid £35ish/$50ish for the wheels, plus £20/$30ish for the pulleys, and it’d be nice to get as close to that back… or I’m open to trade, some trampa or evolve AT hubs (hubs only) would be good?

I’m in the UK, so shipping within the UK is maybe £10, everywhere else is going to be maybe £25 (these weigh about 2.5kg boxed so unfortunately are quite expensive to ship).

The rears have been polished up a bit, the fronts not.




Also, one of the wheels has a slight manufacturer flaw in the rubber, nothing major, but needs mentioning.



Btw, great looking mounts and motors

I’m quite interested. Do you think they are relatively balanced after the modification? Not talking about the possible vibrations caused by the tire pattern/holes etc.

Thanks man! First attempt at some DIY mounts.

The motors are just some 5065’s that I decided to polish up

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So what is included/for sale?

Being completely honest, there is some very minor wobble, a touch worse on one over the other.

I suspect that a lot of the vibration issues people are experiencing is nothing to do with the tread pattern (that’s just a convenient excuse) the problem is in the manufacturing of the hubs themsleves.

The hubs are extruded, and then the bearing seat is milled/bored on a lathe - aparently quite badly on some - I’ve already had one wheel replaced because it wobbled all over the place when spun.

To fit the pulleys to the hubs I made an arbour, which bolted through the bearing seats on both sides and then span them in a lathe. I bored a flat on them that runs concentric to the bearing seats and square to the centre line of the hubs, the issue is that the hubs themselves spin slightly off centre.

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4 x wheels (2 x modified to take belt pulleys) 2 x TD5M 15mm wide pulleys (40 tooth) 16 x skullboards bearings (shite, but included)

Still available, all sensible offers considered…