Belt drive systems and water

So earlier this evening I went out on a group ride. After riding on wet streets and through some puddles both my belts snapped in quick succession. They were pretty new and didn’t have any major wear marks. Nothing skipped or rubbed when it was dry out. (Had maybe 100mi with no issue) Was cruising the whole time around 10mph. So the question is why? And how can I set up my belts to be more reliable next time?

they could’ve been to tight, that could explain why both snapped at the same time.

Snow is the biggest offender and really the ONLY thing that’s ever broken my belts. Straight water never has for me, but someone else on the forum mentioned wet leaves got caught in their drive and broke belt[s].

Only certain kinds of snow seem to do it, if it’s too dry or too wet it doesn’t but there is this sticky snow, the snow that makes a ball (or pulley…) bigger as it rolls down a hill, that kind of snow is King of Belt Breakers


How tight are your belts? If you push on the belt with your finger, how easy is it to deflect? You should be able to deflect it kind-of a lot with your finger.

Are your belts HTD-5M?

If the belt are really soaked and under alot of tension, they can become very hot and snap. friction turns to heat, water can reach boiling point and burn straigth thu those belts. Same princible goes with climbing ropes.


They were pretty tight and had an idler, didn’t want to have teeth slip like my last board. Can you think of any way to show how tight they should be?

Tourqueboards reverse mount, 16-60t, idler on.

Wheel should spin freely, if it takes you alot of effort to spin it by hand, and it makes noise cause belts hella tight. Then you need to loosen it abit. if you have a tensioner the belt should be rather flexy before you tighten down the tensioner.