Belt drive vs chain drive

Is the a significant difference between a chain drive and a belt drive? Is there any reason to choose one over the other? Thanks

Chain is lighter, cheaper, easier to change gearing, more resitance against dirt. It needs to get oiled, check the tension, after a while chain and motorsprocket have to be replaced. Can be dangerous if the chain breaks and blockade the wheel.

Belt is looking badass, sounds less loud, runs smoother, needs less maintenace and no need for oil… no dirty hands… but wider interference countur, more drag, dont like stuff like grass and mud and debris. Timingbelts have to replaced, pulleys normally not.


I think you mean chain is heavier. Belts practically weigh nothing!


I’m personally doing a chain drive on my board. I like the idea of no broken belts and always having quick torque with no stretch in the chain. I realize the downsides (noisier, oil requirement, etc.) but none of these really sway me the other way. It comes down to a personal preference with pros and cons on both sides. Most people obviously choose belts. It seems within a year or so hub motors will put this belt drive vs chain drive discussion into the archives.

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I have an electric skateboard with hub motor drive, the skateboard with belt motor can’t move when turning off, with hub motor can move when turn off the switch, I think the hub motor is better.:wink:

wel belts can brake cain makes more nose

I thought chains would be better when I first got here but they even use belts on our electric powered pallet jacks

I think chain makes sense for off road so you don’t have to worry about rocks in the belt… I would to have oil on a clean green eboard…and single belt is still the most bang for the buck…

hubs are coming but torque multiplier are always nice!!

that belt do

No i meant the overall wheight. If i compare my Chaindrive Kits with the Beltdrive Kits the BD is heavier, caused to more Parts like Roller and Supportbearing Holder.

Where do you get your timing belts/what brand (Germany)? Conrad SIT timing belts have been terrible. The teeth are not protected/become fluffy. Belt snapped after just 50 KM.

Currently ordered some Powergrip GT3 and HTD5 belts.

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I have a chain drive on my main board, I made my son’s board with belt drive…

I much prefer chain drive for the following reasons;

Strength Durability No slippage No stretch Better, more reliable brakes Impervious to debris

I use a silicon based lubricant for my chain and it’s fairly quiet, not as quiet as my son’s belt drive though but the difference is hardly noticeable. I rarely maintain my chain as it doesn’t really need it. Once every two months is a must, but I do it once a month because I like to, lol.

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sounds a whole lot better. I am currently replacing belts every 1.5 weeks (after roughly 450km).

if your belts are only lasting 1.5 weeks your doing something wrong…

i’ve put over 500 miles on the same belt with no sign of wear

Mountain board, currently with loads of mud. It’s winter time here. I essentially only drive offroad. Two belts ripped (stone caught in between wheel hub and belt) and one was of mediocre quality/teeth had no protection.

Lots of hills, lots of braking, lots of fast accelerations.

Optibelt from Mädler are a good price point

Strongbelt is super Nice

Optibelt HD is super nice but double the price

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Doesn’t chain reduce your battery run time too?

No, its oppisite. Belts have more drag and therefore uses more power

huh, no kidding. That’s great to know. Maybe I will look into chain drive for my next build then

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Just logged in to say around 2-3 months ago i switched from belt to chain. Personally im so much happier with chain.

I weigh just under 100kgs so prior to switching over I would be very very careful when going down a steep hill (using brakes) as Ive had a belt snap on me before and the same with going up hills. Now that I’m using chain I can actually use the brakes to bring me to a complete stop without any issues and get me up some nice inclines with no slippage

on the downside it is a hell of a lot louder.

Also im using a half link chain as there is more spots to lengthen/shorten

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