Belt Drive vs Helical Gear Drive

So I’m in the process of putting together a parts list for a mountianboard, and am trying to decide weather going gear drive is worth it. For context, I plan to ride mostly streets with some trails on the weekends. I’m deciding between Ideatbs belt drives and E-toxx’s helical gear drives.

As I see it here are the pros and cons of going with helical gear drive - Is there anything I’m missing?

Pros: -Better torque transmission. - Slightly better acceleration -More efficient power transmission. - Marginally better range -No replacing shredded belts. - Less maintenance -Less Rolling resistance.

Cons: -Cost. -Slightly louder than belts. -Heavier.

Can anyone who changed from belts to gears speak to what the change was like?


Not like michael jackson change good, but not as bad as bruce jenner change . . .

It introduces quite a bit of side load. Maybe a strut bar between gear covers.