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Belt length for a 16T / 36T setup?

Hello eSK8ers,

I need to order a new belt. I’m on a 16T / 36T setup, 12mm width. Of course, I do not have the belt with me and I am trying the figure out the standard length for such a setup. Should I order…

280mm belt?
265mm belt?

Thanks for the help.

Which motor mount do you have? What is the centre to centre distance of the pulleys?

Maybe this link can help you…

Torqueboards V4

@torqueboards could probably help you the most. He knows all the specs of his mount.

I run a 280mm on my 16t/36t from @torqueboards with a v3 mount on one board and a v4 mount on another.

Thanks, thats what I thought. Didn’t want to order unless someone confirmed. See, the thing is I need to order today. There are rumors that CanadaPost will go on strike on Saturday, which means that unless @torqueboards ships them out today, I’m pretty much beltless for the whole summer!!!

That would be very bad !

v4 you can run 255mm which is much shorter. Go with 255mm if your running 83mm/90mm wheels but we also have 265mm, 280mm if you want to run it longer.

They were shipped out today :slight_smile:

Awesome, not sure what you had shipped with my kit but I ordered 4X 280mm this AM. I use 90mm Flywheels.


@EpicCel - I’ll send you 265mm since the 280mm is too big. :slight_smile: If your ok with it.


@torqueboards Perfect, you are the pro! Lets go with 265mm. Thanks!

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@torqueboards just wondering what’s the difference if I used 280mm vs the 265 or even 255mm? I know the belt is longer but what are the benefits/disadvantages, etc. I just put together your V4 mounts with an RSpec 6355 motor and the center hole is a bit small for the washer that’s under that C-Clip of the motor. Is this a known problem? Also I was wondering what else can I do to tighten the big clamp to the trucks? I am not a weak dude but I’ve tried my best without breaking or stripping anything. I did try the shrinktubing but perhaps I have to use more than one piece? There is still a ton of play on it at the moment. Just wanted some building tips before I slap on the electronics other than the motor.

It’s just center distance between your two pulleys. Shorter is better just as long as you have enough teeth in contact.

Our c-clip is recessed on our motors. I’ve ran motors with the c clip being too big for the center hole before and it works fine and possibly the c-clip can get damaged but there’s not much you can do.

As for the clamp, you’ll need to fit a piece of the heatshrink on the curvature part of the caliber truck. This makes it more solid. Don’t rely on just the M6 bolt without a heatshrink. Hope this helps. Please let me know if any issues.

@torqueboards Got the belts 1 DAY prior to the Canada post strike! Thanks dude!