Belt Motor Power

hello i was wondering if a single belt motor (this one(

): diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-single-motor-mechanical-kit/)would be enough to climb hills like these:

Thanks for your help Tim from bern Switzerland

depends how heavy you are and what type of battery you’ll be using.

on average, i would say, that particular setup should be ok. 83mm wheels with that gearing ratio should give you decent torque.

and which one of these motors?:

PS: i’m only about 70-80kg and i have 4 3s batteries.

The biggest one there is the 6374 190kV. Id get that one since you’re going sinhle motor.

Also, if you use the 13T motor pulley you will have more torque to climb the hill. Since motor pulleys aren’t that expensive I’d get the 13T and the 16T and see which one you like better.

Are you going 6S or 12S? Also what kind of ESC are you using?

I’m going 6s for the start and when i’m more advanced i’m switching to 12s, a vesc from DIYELECTRIC

Alright, 190kV will be kinda slow at 6S but thats good for learning. It should also work quite well at 12S so the 6374 would be the best way to go.

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Well thank you good sir

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