Belt not fitting advise

Has anyone else had a hard time put their 265-5m-15 belt onto the torque motor mounts. I have the 63 motor mounts with orangoutang 85m tire 15m pulley. should order 280-5m-15. thanks in advance.

This is my first build, so don’t kill me.

Do you have some pictures of what you mean so we can help you better?

I have the TB motor mounts as well and no problem fitting 265mm belt with a 16T-36T setup.

sure! IMG_8156|375x500 IMG_8157 IMG_8158

IMG_8160 IMG_8161

I’d recommend measuring the distance between the pulleys (center to center) and then going to, plugging in your numbers, and see what it comes up with. I’d do that measurement with the motor halfway in the slots, so you have some adjustment in both directions.

Ok, will do Thanks.