Belt rubbing on wheel

So I finally completed my first build! And it works! (Well sort of…). I am using @torqueboards motor mount, belt, and kegel pulleys. However the spacing between the belt and wheel is very small. When braking, the mount twists slightly pushing the belt onto the wheel. Any suggestions as to how to stop the belt from rubbing. I’m worried I’m going to lose my first belt very quickly.

I had the same problem and switched to a different drive pulley. Be careful because it could destroy your motor mount. The drive pulley gets pulled too far into the wheel and the belt drags. Only thing I can think of is take the pulley off the wheel and shim it out some.

Which TB mount are you using? It shouldn’t be bending.

Is your motor pulley small side out? If its flipped this causes lateral stress, broke an sk3.

Thanks for the replies guys. I mucked with it some more. Seem to have minimized rubbing. Hoping the TB mount stays tight. It is v4. It doesn’t bend, it more wiggles back and forth, I have it clamped as far as I can with the heatshrink underneath it.

Hey man. I had similar problems my first few weeks with the mounts. @psychotiller gave me a tip when we were discussing enclosures that saved the day. According to him, caliber trucks have quite a bit of variation - not super precise. @torqueboards sends heat shrink with your mounts to put between the truck and the clamp. My mounts would move around to and away from the wheel when I road over rough stuff. Also, they weren’t sitting at a perfect 90 degrees to the axle causing the belt to drift one way or the other on the pulleys. Drove me NUTS!.

So here’s the tip… get a soup can or tuna can and cut a strip the width of your mount clamp. I sanded off the wax coating stuff too. The length, for me, is from the 90 degree corner of the truck hanger to about the middle of the rounded part of the truck hanger opposite the open side of your clamp. I actually used two layers of can strips to get a good fit. First install was a pain in the butt to figure out, its a tight fit. I used a small screw driver to push the strips into place once I got it where I wanted. Drop of locktite between can-strips and again between the truck and mount for good measure. I haven’t had to adjust my mounts since, where as before I was fixing/tightening them after every ride. Your mount isn’t bending, its just not getting a good fit on the axle and its shifting the angle against the axle.

Again, the trucks are all a little different so you might need to experiment with placement and thickness of the metal strips. PM me if you get stuck and maybe I can get some photos. Like I said, I spent weeks trying to fix this issue after every damn ride :slight_smile:

If you guys are still having issues. Let me know. I have new clamps which have 2x M6 Set Screw spots which make it much easier. Just pay shipping.


@torqueboards Can we get a picture?

@torqueboards if its double clamp style like id like one, my clamp wiggles itself loose about once a week.

Thank you @torqueboards! Top notch service as always

@jespers101 - Same style except there’s a M6 threaded hole on top and bottom. Just bolt down the M6 main bolt and bolt the M6 set screw afterwards. You can do one further and make a slight notch in the truck where you clamp it and drill a small pocket.

@chinzw - As for now, it’s still a single piece and not a double clamp style.

@Spek - No problem :slight_smile:

@toqueboards i see, then i can just drill and tap that set screw myself :slight_smile:

@chinzw - Yes you could :slight_smile:

@torqueboards so a set screw used as a similar idea to the set screw on motor pulley?

Yeah, correct.

@torqueboards will it provide a noticeable difference. After day 1 of riding today I realized my headshrink had worn away… My mount wasnt really clamped on at all.

Yes, feel free to email me. Sounds like you should take me up on that offer.