Belt size help?

Are these images directing me towards ~110mm is a good center distance with either 370mm or 375mm belts? The mounts I am going to use for my build have a center distance of 108mm-113mm. I can’t decipher how to tell which belt will be the one I need. The pulley kit I will be buying from trampa includes 375mm belts so I am guessing that 375mm will be good enough for 108mm-113mm?

belt1 belt2 belt3

Either will work, 370 will be right at the short extreme, and 375 will be right at the long extreme. I’d buy both and see which fits better.

I personally would go with 375 because with 370 you don’t have enough teeth meshing this might lead to rapid wear of the belt and/or pulleys (i assume you aren’t using an idler as everything would then change)

There will be an idler on it

Can you send a link to the trampa kit and motor mount you are planning to use. I did a quick look on the trampa site and saw that the 44 tooth pulley is a mountain board pulley I believe that their full kits with motor mounts do not feature a idler (I might be wrong). If I am correct then the belt you are looking for would need to be much longer (400) as the current calculation do not include an idler (the website you used).

I am mixing trampa 14t/44t pulley kit and @Idea motor mounts v6.3 w./ idlers

Was thinking they would still would since I don’t want 60ts like all other boards

Alright I finally understand what you a trying to do. Sadly it very hard to estimate belt length when an indler is involved without the actual CAD files for the mounts. What I would do is buy the mounts and kit but without the belt. Then when you have it assembled use a piece of string and loop it along the same path as the belt then measure the length of the string this should give you a good idea of the belt size you need. These belts (HTD 5) can be found quite cheap from actual US based vendors about 5-10 dollars. You could also try to message the guy that makes these as he could help you alot more.

get the longer of the two belts, the idler will take up the slack.