Belt slides to the side of motor gear

I’m using the evolve super carve trucks with their 38T kegel gear. My belts no matter how tight or loose I make them slide off the side of the motor gear a bit. It has never fallen off or rubbed against the wheels. I noticed the bearing inside the gear doesn’t stay put in the gear and will slide forward instead of staying towards the bottom. Any ideas on how to fix this?

20180703_211542 20180703_211618

Does it happen on both motors? They might be misaligned. Does the belt rub the inside of the belt cover?

I’ve run the evolve 32t kegel pulley on their mount and motor, it did the same thing. I just let it be. If it never hits the wheels it should be ok.

How are those Boa wheels?

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It does happen with both motors. I think it’s the gear. I can’t run with belt covers as I’m afraid it will end up rubbing. Also the boas are awesome. Pretty grippy and still big enough for the bad streets in philly.

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Can you move the motor gear iut a couple of milimeters?

Is the mount absolutely perpendicular to the wheel? Try an right angle ruler along the bottom of the truck hanger? A degree out would do that


If you have lost your patience a big washer and JB weld are your friends


I’d have to check but I don’t recall it moving.

I think I might try this.

It does look as if the wheel gear might be off angle a bit. I’ll try and get better pictures later.

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Unless the axle/hanger is bent maybe more likely the mount? That has a fixed ring for the the mount yeah? You may be able to put a bit of shim between the ring and the mount plate like a piece of nickel to straighten it out

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I gotcha, but i think it looks like to me that the belt is just sliding off a bit and basically stops where it is even with the wheel gear. I cant use a shim as that would leave the belt with less surface area. I honestly feel like its the gear. I’ll tray and get a picture of it later. The little bearing in it doesn’t stay put at the bottom. it will almost slide out of where its supposed to the gear.

I had the same problem b4. For me it’s the mount not perfectly at 90 degree to the truck and causing it to be misaligned to the wheel pulley.

No I mean shim between mount plate and run not mount and pulley

A thin washer may work instead

Could you try flipping the pulley in the other direction that way you will know if it’s and issue with the motor pulley or if the belt just wants to slide down due to not a perfect 90 degree angle

Does the gear have a set screw in it.

No I’m using loctite 680.

Use a dog tail set screw and that would help

Alright sorry for the late follow up I was on vacation. Anyway I found out something interesting about the evolve trucks and the kegel gear. If you use a washer for inside wheel wheel bearing it will prevent the gear from sitting all the way in the wheel and cause the belt issue I was having. Check the photos to understand better. Soon as I removed the washer I’ve had no issues.

20180711_213951 Without washer

20180711_214008 With washer

20180711_214111 You can see the wheel washer stops before the wall of the gear touches the wheel



I had same issue with Kegel 32t gear and Boa 100mm wheels. I removed that washer and BINGO ! No issues !

With washer and without washer. IMG_0392IMG_0393