Belt Stripping Thread

Let’s discuss belt stripping! I didn’t see a dedicated thread for this yet, just here and there mentions.

Is it because of one or more of the following?

  • Low tooth count motor pulley?
  • Improper belt tension?
  • Bad mount alignment?
  • Old belts?
  • Low quality belts?
  • Too much torque?
  • Too narrow belts?

I haven’t had any issues with belt stripping until I started riding more this year with the weather warming back up. Last year, I rode the same belts all year. All of the above should be in check but I had my second belt completely strip on me over the last two times I’ve been out.


I’ve got another idea though. Could disabling traction control play into it? I’ve since made my board turn a lot more than it used to. A total of 160A (motor amps) are stressing these 15mm wide belts. Maybe, just maybe there’s something going on with taking sharp turns (think sidewalk 90°) under full power that causes the inner belt to strain too much to keep up with the other motor. I don’t know, but I am almost done with belts. It sucks limping around with one motor. All last year I had traction control enabled, and only this year have I disabled it. Do motors try to stay in sync speed wise? Could that combined with sharp turns alone strip belts? All the other variables are in check, minus year old belts, or maybe they are bad quality.

Traction control shouldn’t be an issue because both back wheels aren’t on the same axle like on an automobile. You’re applying power to the wheel – you’re not applying RPM to the wheel. Each motor has its own controller. Regardless of whether “traction control” is on, this is the case.


That’s what I figured. I can’t think of any other variables than just old, crap quality belts then.

One stripped when relatively tight. The other stripped when relatively loose, just good freewheel loose enough loose.

Motor pulley is not worn at all, wheel pulley looks great. Alignment is perfect. Bearings in tip top shape. Anyways…

The only thing I’ve ever had break or strip belts – is snow. That’s just my experience, though. I use vbeltsupply belts, if that matters.

When it snows I can eat 5 belts in a single day – and none for 9 months after that…


You think running one motor sensored and one not could play into it? I think it’s the one unsensored motor stripping all my belts… :mask::sneezing_face:

Just sharing my experience too nothing definitive but typically I think I’ve stripped teeth off a belt like that when braking hard so guess is it’s due to 1 part not proper tensioning allowing teeth to partially skip and 2 high torque scenarios, hard braking or accelerating. I haven’t had issues with stripping teeth recently but I’ve been using a plastic wheel pulley which might help since the plastic may eat some of the wear and give more than a metal pulley but I still have the metal pulley on the motor side so :man_shrugging: I also typically run with slower modes now than I used to so there’s less torque so maybe a bit of A a bit of B here too, but just guessing.

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