Belt Tensioning | Rule of thumb?

So i’m currently in the process of designing and manufacturing my first E-Board and have just finished the drivetrain! I have made the motor mounting holes elongated so that the belt can be tensioned, however, i’m not sure how tight my belt should be. Is there a general rule of thumb? Does the type of belt/ quality of the belt factor into how tight it should be?

The belt i’m using is a ‘Gates 280 5MGT’ (supposedly the best quality belt).

Thank you in advance for any replies and sorry if this question has already been answered in a similar topic! :slight_smile:

You just need a little bit of pinch. Just enough so the belt doesn’t skip. Not too tight where it’s stressing during a rotation.

Metro board does it like this with guitar tuner app.

takes the guess work out of the process.

Is tricky though to get a good reading with the App. Helps to hold the mic right next to the belt and be in a quiet room.

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