Belt too tight - no adjustment left

Guys, I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere but I haven’t been able to find it. I’ve just finished putting together my first build and having some belt tension issues. I’ve got the motor as close to the trucks as possible (mount is basically scrubbing the motor) but the belt is still way too tight - can barely get it on there. Any suggestions/solutions?

Setup is DIYES 36/16, enertion mount, 265mm belt. Tried a 280mm belt too but there isnt enough adjustment in the mount that way either.

Need better pictures

It should fit fine. Some thing is off.

I think you need to flip the motor pulley the other way…

And then move the mount closer to the king pin.

That should give you the room.

in the first image the clamp looks like it is not sitting properly as there are still gaps visible.

What @Maxid said. Also, post pictures from the wheel side of the board and if possible a picture with the wheel and belt removed.

this depends also on your gearing. Enertion is 15/36 normally with a 265 belt. If you have a bigger pulley somewhere, you need longer belts. If you can´t align that, try to get a 270 belt.

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He said in his post that he uses

pulleys - I doubt that one tooth on the motor pulley will make a difference - the mount should have enough adjustability to make that work with the existing belt.

i had the same problem with a teeth too much. Now i´ve 3 belts for the single drive :smiley: the old one was too short, got a 10mm longer one - too long, then the golden middle was perfect :wink: next time i calculate, before i order stuff… but hey 10 bucks for a belt won´t kill me and spare belts for other stuff.

But like I said, try to align everything first and if it still doesn´t fit, or you want a bit of wiggle room, get a 270er

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Thanks lads, will try to get some more pics tonight. I can’t physically get the mount on the truck any more parallel to the wheel/direction of travel (even with the wheel pulley hard up against the mount) as it adds tension to the belt. Think a 270mm belt is in order (don’t really want to change gearing) - not many of them around in 12mm though, anybody have a suggestion on where I could find one, preferably in UK/EU?

Did you understand what I was saying? Remove the belt and position the clamp properly - it does not sit correctly (at least that is how it looks in the image). You also might have damaged your motor bearing now - that force on the shaft is not good.

Think so, did you understand me? When the clamp is properly aligned and correctly positioned/tightened on the truck it’s too tight to even get the belt onto the pulleys. You can see from the photo that it’s being pulled tight even with some slack in the mount, so tightening further would put more tension on the belt, this is worsened by sliding the mount closer to the wheel. I haven’t ridden it so would be surprised if I’ve done any damage to the motor bearing.

Truck hanger and motor are not parallel to each other, something is quite off here … but this could be also perspective distortion. .

What? why didn’t you say so before, that apparently you have intentionally loosened the clamp to make the belt fit? We all assumed that this is your actual setup and not just staged for the photo. That is also why I mentioned the bearing - if this was the actual setup with tightened clamp then you would have had enormous forces pulling the shaft and damaging the bearing. If this was just staged and you wanted to show us that the belt does not fit then see @TarzanHBK’s answer and get a longer belt. To give you some ideas about the distances and belt lengths use:

@Maxid didn’t mean to aggravate you, describing it as best I can. It’s not staged and it is the actual setup (as best I can get it on there, but haven’t ridden it yet - did state at the start that I’ve just put it together). The standard belt in the 12mm kit from DIYES/enertion is a 265 so I was expecting that it should all fit together with some adjustability left in each direction - was just wondering if I’d missed something when putting it together before I went and bought extra parts. That calculator requires a ctc distance that I can’t measure right now (at work) but I’ll give it a go when I’m home. Again, was just expecting that all these bits would go together.

@anon42702729 you are correct, not perspective distortion. The hangar is being pulled out of alignment because the belt is so tight!

humm… your motor lead are not sit properly, also lead from torqueboard motor are stiffer than the one from enertion…

And the motor mount are more suitable for 13/36 setup… they also work for 15/36, but even if it only 1 tooth it might also be a part of the problem

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That could be it, the wire getting stuck in between the motor and plate. I would rotate the motor 90°. If not a bigger belt would be the next case.

The wire are preventing the motor to move the 2-3mm needed to set the belt properly… It’s still going to be tight, but should fit more easily

I wish that was enough! looks like a bit of a gap but it’s actually less than 2mm and still tight like a tiger. Think the slightly bigger belt is the best place to start…anyone know where I can get a 270 in 12mm width?