Belt v. Chain Wheel

Hey, I’ve been building my own budget board and need to replace the motor. While I was taking the old one off I saw my belt had some wear and tear and was going to buy a replacement. I was looking at some online and saw a chain one, is one better than the other? I’m guessing a chain would be more reliable but have only really seen people use belts. Any thoughts?

Belt Link Chain Link

Chains are very common if you ride an e mtb. I don’t see an actual need for it if you have a street board. Chains are loud (what I like :sweat_smile:) and have a more direct transmission. Both will work fine thou.


Chain will not brake but it can get stuck if not aligned properly, you do get a little more space back if you’re hurting for it

@Andy87 unrelated but do you find a higher wh/km usage with chain oved belt?

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There will be a little more maintenance involved. I accidentally ran my chain for too long before greasing it again, and it wore down the master sprocket until it was virtually unusable.

Yes i definitely need more Wh/km with chains over belt. But that’s for me and a mtb. Maybe it just comes because i can drive more aggressive. Might be different for a street setup. I would say 10-15% less range with chains.

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