Belts and Charger for my Arc Alieron

Hi - I’m looking for a charger and some belts for my Arc Alieron - I want to make sure I get ones that are compatible with teh board so it doesnt get dmged. I’m wondering if you guys could point me to where I could buy some - I could as the arc guys but i dont want to have them shipped from singapore, it will probably be cheaper just to buy from somewhere else.

A good start would be able to write the name of your board correctly :wink:

All the information you need seem to be on their website : “Battery: 4200mAh LiFePo4 Battery Pack, 133WH Power System: Belt drive, 1815W brushless motor with regenerative braking”

If you read a bit before asking (or if you use the search of this forum), you may find all the desired answers somewhere here. And did you look at the belt (if you already have the board) ? I guess the length and thickness is written on it.

Where are you located? You can get belts from quite a few sources online. Search the forums. There’s plenty of links. Charger wise are you looking for a faster charger or just a spare?

Count the teeth on your belt and measure the distance from tooth center to tooth center (probably 5mm) and measure the belt width

Then go to and for example a “synchronous timing belt” called “250-5M-15” would be 250mm long, 5mm tooth spacing, and 15mm wide. 250/5 = 50 teeth total

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thanks all - i’ve figured it out! =)

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