Belts and gear ratios?

I’m in highschool and just starting out with the new E-boards. I was going to buy a boosted board, but I became more curious and decided to turn to DYI. How do the number of teeth on a belt affect the gear ratios and the boards overall performance? Also, if a belt has more teeth does that mean it is a bigger belt, or just more teeth on it? Thanks (Sorry I’m new):blush:

Bigger gear ratio will give you more torque and less speed. 1:2.25 is about the standard gearing ratio. Belts have a fixed pitch, so the number of teeth defines the belt length (we use 5mm pitch HTD5).

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More specifically the size/shape/depth of belt teeth are defined by the pitch. The length of your belt is defined by you but the pitch or teeth type must match you pulleys teeth type.

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You also choose the width of your belt to match your pulleys width

The number of teeth on a belt do not affect your gear ratios. However there is something to be said for a belt that is too long. It has more potential to give or even stretch. Which is not necessarily a good thing. This would be determined on how close you mount the motor to the drive wheel. A few nice kits out there take the work out of that.

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What is belt pitch? I know what can change it… I just don’t know what it is.

Belt pitch is a physical dimension of the belt teeth. It is not changed unless you get a belt with a different pitch. The eSk8 world seems to be revolving around 5mm pitch HTD belts.


Thanks man, your the best!

here you can check your gearing and how it affects the speed

common are 83, 90, 97mm wheels

motor pulleys 12,13,14,15,16 tooth

wheel pulleys 32 - 40 tooth (or higher if you go with bigger wheels)

Also a belt with more teeth is longer. The length of the belt required is determined by the size of the pulleys and the center to center distance of the motor mount. That is the distance from the center of the truck axle to the center of the motor shaft. This changes between different motor mounts so the same pulleys with a different mount could result in needed a different length belt.

I am running a 14 tooth motor drive pulley and a 36 tooth wheel pulley. 36/14 = 2.57 gearing ratio.

Gates has some really cool free software for designing belt drive systems you can download from their website. It spits out more specs and numbers than I know what to do with! They also provide CAD models for their belts and pulleys if that helps you.

Can you send me the link?

Here you go:

Design IQ and Design Flex Pro are the ones I’ve found useful.