Belts snapping braking don't last,try these

Don’t normally write reviews unless I’m really impressed with a product that out preforms others that are a higher price. I have been using enertion belts since I built my board,went through 4 very quickly! so decided to look about in the uk as i was running on one motor and needed one asap. Now before the enertion keyboard warriors come out! I’m not knocking enertion,shit 90% of my diy build is enertion,they are a great company,there motors are fantastic! I was considering converting my board to chain drive until I found these belts and at £3 odd they are amazing lasted me 4 months so far and have another 3 backups,at this rate 4 will last a year easy. Also free parcel force 24hr delivery happy days! Was a bit hesitant to share this in case they run out of stock but fuck it looks like I’m good for a long time with what I have,so here you are! Feel free to share where you buy yours if they are good quality at a reasonable price. Not sure if they have a usa store.


Turns out there company is international,just pick your country!

I would agree these are high quality. What I found was if your motor pulley is worn, it can slip under heavy load and when it slips its destroys the belt. Its my number one way to break belts.

Agreed! maintenance and replacing parts when needed will keep your board functioning properly. Although I haven’t Changed anything! tension is still the same,these belts just seem to withstand abuse and rocks flying at them!!

I get my belts from the Australian rs, they are pretty good, often delivered the day after I ordered them as well!