Bench Grinder motor for e-board?

Hello everyone, i lived in Indonesia… I want to make my one e-board, but it’s quite hard for me to get the right spec motor in my country… I have a bench grinder, that I’m not use to work anymore, is there anyone that have any experience using bench grinder motor as the main power for their e-board?.. Thank you…

I would assume a bench grinder is AC? That might be difficult, cool if you can make it work.

i have new single 6374 190kv here in Indonesia, if you’re still interested to built one, or anyone else in Indonesia, just pm me.

I turned a angle grinder with a re-purposed carbon fiber wrapped aluminium rotor into a high speed centrifuge once… but as a eSk8 motor? I have been reading a bit over here lately about re-winding motors and using them out side of spec… anything is possible but I’m not sure I see it :neutral_face: at least for low cost I think there will be cheaper options. If you are still looking (old thread) I’d hit XTLA up.