Benchmarking and its results

We’d like your insight.

Up to now, we have dismantled and fully tested actual specs of 6 other boards, discovering that actual vs claimed specs is a world apart. Advertising misleading power ratings is just the tip of the iceberg. We have seen quite a few components that are subject to mechanical or electrical stress during “normal” operation that are outside of safe specs.

For example, one of the major brands we’ve tested sends 10.5 A of re-gen current directly into cells rated for 1.5A normal and 4A fast charging.

Prior experience shows the market is unreceptive or unwilling to hear such info, especially from a company who has yet to deliver its first production units.

Any suggestions on how to harness our powers for good?


If you could show a video that proves the false specs and safety failures of other brands and then compare it to your own that would look good

that depends on the number of parallel cells. If you have a 3P pack and regen at 10.5A, that’s 3.5A per cell. That`s within the fast charge specs.

Please publish the data and we will follow up with the mfgs. It would be interesting to see their response.

On some Chinese brands, it is quite obvious that the numbers can’t be true, but some scientific measures to show how far they are away from the real world would be really nice.

I am not a specialist but isn’t the fast charging of max 4A only important when you do that continuously. I guess short bursts with higher amps (like our braking) will be no issue. I think that is the same like discharge bursts. But maybe I am also completely wrong. Couldn’t find any information somewhere because normally the manufacturer doesn’t expect that it will be used for regenerative braking.

Seems that regenerative braking with short bursts is even good for the cell.

But who knows how scientific his article is. I think we shouldn’t worry. And I feel better with a setup that allows my to brake harder in times of crisis where I don’t use the full brake power all the time instead of a brake that might protect the battery but not me.

Just make a video of the data, some sort of validation of the results and lots of footage of disassembly. I can’t wait to see a table of all the data! :smiley:

Be like the honey badger. Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. That’s my motto .

…Also deliver ontime and meet all expectations.