Benchwheel - anyone been able to get in contact lately?

So I’ve been trying to get in contact with benchwheel lately, without any success.

Got two remotes with what I assume was a bad batch of recievers from them that they said they will replace but that I had to send the old recievers back to them, I did that and tracked the shipment and it was delivered and had email contact with them after that but all of a sudden they went toally silent.

So anyone here been able to contact them lately and if so on what email?

I also contacted them about my receiver and got a response in the same day. That was about a month ago and i talked with a guy named Li Kun. Email: [email protected]

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Thanks for the response!

I have a feeling they ignoring me but not sure…

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When was the last reply, and last time you tried emailing them?

November I think or december was last reply.

Had a conversation with support for a while before that then all of a sudden dead silent, been trying to contact them about once a month since then. Last time I tried was a week ago ish, to another email from their webpage.

Gonna try the one linked above however.

Yeah a week ago it could have been due to Sping Festival, but that long ago they dont have any reason not to reply.

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