Benchwheel pairing issues

Hi there. I have recently ordered a Benchwheel remote and are having issues connecting it to the receiver it came with. I have followed the instructions they came with and have tried many variations on the wires. When I plug the wires from the vesc into the receiver and turn on and hold the power on button on the remote for 7secs, I’ll get the beeping on the remote however it will not work. I have tried plugging in the vesc into my and checked on the BLDC tool which on the ppm tab, looking at the display section goes from 50% to 49% and the pulse width number flickers.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Try connecting the vesc to the receiver before connecting the power. Then press and hold the red button on the remote Then while holding the remote red button, connect the power to the vesc. The receiver should beep 3 times and you should see a green light on the remote.

Here are the instructions for pairing with a benchwheel board. Make sure remote and board are fully charged. Make sure remote and board has been turned off (off status) 1, press and hold the red buttons on both remote and board at the same time. 2, keep holding both red buttons and wait around 3 sec. 3, release both red buttons when you hear 3 beeps. 4, the pairing process is done. You can now turn off the board and remote, restart and have fun.

Make sure you’re turning the remote in before the VESC. I have 3, they all work flawlessly but it won’t bind if the VESC is in first.

Okay will use those troubleshoots thanks. Do you have to turn off and on the board and remote before testing the throttle?

Thanks will give it a go once I fully charge the remote. Should the wires connecting the receivers be connected to the vesc during those steps?

you will need to connect the vesc to the receiver in order to supply power to the receiver

When you say “press and hold the red buttons on both the remote and the board at the same time” assume the red button on the remote is the first which is the second red button?

@Namasaki @mmaner

Tried starting the remote before the vesc. Only got two beeps

those instructions where actually for the benchwheel board and remote

Yeah I see. I’m thinking it is a faulty remote, do you know any about that?

You connected the battery to the VESC before you turned the remote on!?

You’re supposed to turn the remote on first…

You have to press the white button on the receiver for 7 seconds as well.

I had tried the remote before the vesc before lots of times that was just a video to show, apparently not a good one haha. How long from turning on the remote would you say I should be turning on the vesc? I was leaving roughly 1 second in between.

Yeah that’s about all you need…

OMG YES. It was the white button of course hahah it should really say that on the instructions. Although now it seems to not want to change from High mode to Low mode.

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Good to hear it works now. For to change the mode you have to press the power button on the remote, but only for a short time when the remote is already on.

Do you have a constant blue light on the receiver or is it a undefined blue flashing?

Yeah I’ve tried that but doesn’t do anything

blue flashing

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Strange, even without receiver the remote’s LED will change from red to green when I press the button for a short time. The battery is full?