Benchwheel problem

So I ran into the same problem as a ton of other people did with my benchwheel…

The accelerate and shutdown issue. Yep. Anyway, as @londonlongboarders said, sand the fuse down, secure it with something to stop rattling. Or change the fuse completely.

It worked!

But only temporarily sadly. It’s been about a month since I did that fix and the problems have come back. I thought that I’d just do the same, sand the black marks on the fuse down and secure it again. Didn’t work. Board shuts down while riding. I also went out to a car shop and bought a bunch of fuses, 60amps, 70amps, 80amps. Tried all of them and I’m still getting the same thing.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I should do now? A complete overhaul with new ESCs and such is gonna be a real pain because I live in Thailand and shipping from all these websites will cost me a fortune.

Maybe you are missing somewhere, can you post with the image?