Benchwheel Remote - More Connection Issues!

I had this working briefly earlier on today, but now It doesn’t seem to be paired any more and when I turn it on (holding the little white button) it’s not flashing anymore, it just stays solid!

I’ve used my multi-meter on the switch connections and it still seems to be switching correctly, so I’m really not sure what’s wrong.

Any ideas any one?


Did you touch/ replace anything since it was last working?

The only thing I did was swap out an XT60 ‘switch/key’ for the XT90 Anti-spark switch/key in my harness… but I’ve checked that that’s all working and it is… :frowning:

Sounds like it got unbound. Binding process is a bit picky, but if i remember right it’s…

  • have both off
  • hold white button on receiver
  • turn on receiver (still holding)
  • turn on remote (hold button down)
  • receiver will start flashing rapidly when it sees the remote
  • let go of receiver button
  • let go of remote button
  • turn receiver off, then remote off


The order of some of the steps may be off since I’m saying this off memory

This is one way that I’ve tried several times with no luck…

I think my RX is busted :frowning:

I’ve contacted Benchwheel with the symptoms, let’s see what they say.

does the light ever flash rapidly at any point? if you do the steps a bit out of order it’ll flash then go solid and fail to bind

Never flashes at all! Just comes on solid every time :frowning:

hm yea sounds like a busted receiver

That sucks!

Can anyone work out what the person at Benchwheel is trying to say here?

“Take the liberty to ask, are you sure you will be the receiver and the remote control to pairon the cod”


Yea… I’ve had trouble trying to make heads or tails of what they’re saying too. Honestly, I don’t think they’d be much help. I have an extra receiver and remote if you’re interested. It has some cosmetic damage on the remote, but they’re just a couple scrapes. $30 + shipping if want it.

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Have PM’d you mate…

Hey @Jinra, do you still have that spare receiver for the Benchwheel remote? I blew mine up…



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FINALLY! I have my Benchwheel remote and receiver paired after Benchwheel had to replace … the remote … and the receiver! :frowning2:

It all seems to be working well now thank goodness! :smile:

All I can say is… remember to power off the ESC and receiver AFTER you’ve paired the first time ie. The flashing light is no longer flashing… otherwise it just won’t work!

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