Benchwheel remote question

Hey! So after having 2 benchwheel remotes and both which of the reciever was either broken on arrival or died after some cruises on the board. reciever been pretty nicely protected, no risk of it getting hit or shorted.

Either way to get to the point - Is it possible to pair a Benchwheel remote with another reciever?

yep, you can

@Jinra Do you have any idea with what kind off reciever and how? I tried with my winning remotes reciever without success(not that that one is reliable but just for testing).

Sorry, you can pair with another benchwheel receiver, don’t know about another brand.

Ah ok! Yeah kinda giving up on benchwheel recievers now.

keep in mind it might be something on your board setup that’s causing your receiver to fail. I’ve used several receivers and none of them completely failed on me

Yeah, I checked everything I could think that would cause problems, its been running fine and still do on my other reciever /remote however, also it seemed like I wasnt the only one having problem on this batch atleast. :confused:

Where did you get it?

Group buy order from benchwheel.

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