Benchwheel remote & receiver

MEB = Those guys stood behind their remote and fixed the problem ASAP. Why roll the dice and order from China with a month wait, when you can support an (hopefully) American, get what you ordered in a couple days, and have a warranty? Best remote, best vendor for it imo…

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I bought stuff from miami, he was great to deal with and a huge help.

Can anyone post the manual?

I cannot get the reciever to work. The remote seems fine charges lights up, ect. But I can’t get the reciever to light up or pair or do anything. Tried both channels still nothing

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The manual that @yaca posted does not show this, but I messed around with the two buttons on the receiver (pressed them both at the same time) and was able to bring a receiver back to life.

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your receiver has two buttons? Mine has only one.

Mine only has one if it makes you feel any better. Not tried it yet though so can’t say if it is working or not.

Dammit! It is only one botton. I was thinking of something else. I held the one button down while trying to bind when nothing else worked.

Yep I did the same thing, and they insist it’s my fault…

How is it that multiple people make the same mistake but they do not question their process ?

Just want to know if the LED of your receivers also has a undefined blue flashing or is it a constant blue light? Thanks!

Is anyone interested in reverse engineering the Benchwheel remote ?

I’m pretty sure it would be possible to graft an arduino nano and some xbee chip if we could figure out what the remote board sends to the Benchwheel “transmitter daughter card”

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I’ve got a Benchwheel I could take the RX out while connected and measure it, if you wanna tell me how to do said measurement.

I frankly have no idea how to reverse engineer such protocol. I just have the intuition that it can’t be that hard. I imagine you’d need to have a logic analyzer such as this [1]. Or at the very least an oscilloscope.


Nobody can give me an answer?

Hey all!

Is there any shop out there that sells these except aliexpress and can ship globally? With the reciever included?


@amc Although global shipping on these are pretty expensive

I just bought one of the cheapest logic analyzer on ebay that is compatible with this program [1] $6 for 8 channel, 24mhz logic analyzer. Not bad!

Hopefully this will be enough for me to rewire the benchwheel remote with Arduino nano + xbee transmitter / receiver.


Does anyone know if you can take 5v from the spare 3 pins? Need a 5v from somewhere to power a battery voltage display and this seems a simple way to do it if it works?

My multimeter says 0V at the second pins. I don’t know for what those pins are used for.

OK thanks for checking for me @yaca

I have a feeling they are going to be for a second VESC.

I’ll have to find my 5v elsewhere.