Benchwheel remote, where to find receiver alone?

I ordered a benchwheel remote & receiver here [1]

Unfortunately the remote came alone, no receiver! I’m disputing the order on Aliexpress, but where can I find a lone receiver to plug into my VESC ?

Thank you for your help!


I think the seller has tried to warn me that this would happen.

But their communication is quite terrible. I didn’t see the message, and once I did (today when logging back on alliexpress) it only makes sense once I know they’re not going to send me the receiver.

Be warned!

I remember seeing that they wont send their receiver out because each remote is paired to a particular receiver

ugh, that is so dumb, somewhere in the middle of the page (advertising Remote AND Receiver) it says this cryptic phrase :

"According to their own requirements, please choose the type of need,if you want to remote control, according your electric skateboard’s model to choose, if you want to receiver, please see clearly whether your choice "

im not sure where but i saw that one guy somehow paired his remote… he pressed on a button or something and it did pair… try to look up ‘‘comparison of remotes’’ or something thread. I think @mmaner started it…

Im not sure will this work for every remote, though! I just remember someone saying he did it… but later some others concluded that he has an extra button on the remote or something…

@Okami I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I do not have the receiver part currently … and I don’t know where to find one.


This thread… scroll till the bottom… one user also had no receiver… ordered from miami boards the receivers… might ask some of them…

This is my thread about remotes.

If you want to order just the remote you can do it here. I think you can order just the receiver as well, but you have to contact them.

Yeah I’m already in contact with them to try to unf*ck my order.

I saw on miamiboards that the remotes are out of stock. @oriol360 would you sell me a lone receiver if you have one lying around ?

Don’t know if this helps anyone but I have a Benchwheel remote on it’s own for sale?

I also have a benchwheel remote as stated above. Do you have a Receiver for said remote ?

No just the remote I’m afraid.

Did you also make the same mistake everyone seems to do when ordering it ?

Yup! :frowning:

Did you open a dispute on aliexpress, or wherever you bought it ?

Benchwheel seems semi honest and semi competent in their handling of the situation.

Given how the remote looks inside, a main board with a little daughter board for the wireless coms. I’m pretty sure it’d be possible to reverse engineer the protocol and graft an xbee transmitter instead of the original benchwheel one.

Anyone willing to give a logic analyzer for this project ? :smile:

Yeah I did, they were going to send me a receiver for an extra £14, but the the person I was dealing with told me that they can’t be paired once they leave the factory!! So I had to cancel my order.

I’ve since found out that they can indeed be paired at any time!

I’ve ordered both again! So I have a spare…

I got the same vague insinuations about firmware and pairing for “diy mode” not working outside the factory. This is a shame since their remote looks better than the Kama nunchuck I settled on. But I would rather not give my money again to a deceitful company.