Benchwheel remote

Has anyone been able to connect the remote to another receiver? I’m out of luck because mine unfortunately did not come with one. I tried contacting benchwheel as well but no reply :frowning: I’d really like to use this remote, but I have a mini as a backup.

Do you know where I can get another receiver? So far everything’s been sold out or either off their pages.

sorry i do not, you can check miami electricboards for another set.

Check eBay as well @Juiced

I have, but I can’t seem to find a seller who sells just the receiver, let alone both together.

Lol you know the easiest and quickest solution to this don’t you?

Just bite the bullet and buy another set. Lol

From what I understand benchwheel aint very cooperative with sending out new things seperate (like a reciever). I’ve been in contact with them about my remote, I had recievers that was broken, along with some other people. They told me to send recievers back to them and I got confirmed that they arrived, and that they were gonna send out new ones. But I never got new ones, and on contact they said they were sending me when new batch was done, but nothing still. And no reply when I asked on updates.

Edit: Wonder if they are active atm, or having some kind of vacation/pause, since none of us seem to be able to get contact with them…

I also had to wait for a new batch to be made, after a good while, and a lot of messges to them, they replaced both remote and receiver even though it only was a dead receiver. Maybe they are paired somehow from factory. They shipped it to me with express shipping delivered at my door. And the new set works flawlessly, so thumbs up for that.

Well thats nice to hear, maybe I need to push them abit more with messages. Also I dont think they are paired in anyway, I could pair my controllers with the same reciever if Im not misstaken :slight_smile:

I emailed them a couple days ago they finally messaged me back and said they’re willing to send me the receiver under my cost. From what I heard it’s like $15 so I don’t really mind. Let’s hope it’ll work!