Benchwheel Replacement Wheels

Hey guys, I want to replace my Benchwheel C2 wheels. I find that the original whels are too hard, and I wanted to have a wider wheel as well, if possible. I want a softer and smoother ride. Can you suggest the best wheels for that? Which size ranges does the Benchwheel support?

Any wheel that takes your fancy, however you may need to mod to make fit.

The wheels are sideset, and the wheel pulleys were made to fit those. Off the top of my head, the only side set wheels with an inner core I can think of are zombie hawgs. But the pattern is completely different, you won’t be able to use the benchwheel pulleys. You might have to make your own wheel pulley if you intend to switch the wheels out. Or seriously modify the existing ones. As for size ranges, I’d imagine you can go pretty large. The amount of space coming from mounting the trucks on top of the enclosure is really generous.

I bought some flywheel clones and printed 15mm 36t pulleys. I’m gonna try and fit them to my kids Benchwheel dual 1800. I may need to replace the motor pulleys, no idea how they are fitted. Im sure it will take new belts as well. It’ll be a week or so before I get around to it, but I’ll post results.

Thanks! From all that I could read and ask around, I’d go for the Abec 11 90mm Flywheels. Problem are the pulleys. The Benchwheel pulleys are 48T with 45mm diameter. So, ideally, I’d have to find a similar pulley that fits the Abec Flywheels… I’ve seen a post from someone that posted the 3D printouts of several pulleys but am not sure which one would be best.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Great, would love to know how that turns out.

Well, just make sure the depth of the teeth is right too. If I recall correctly. My old benchwheel used htd225 3m 15mm wide belts. Good luck with the swap!

Those motor pulleys were held on by loctite for me. Really good loctite. It took me a long time to heat and pull them out. And I had help from a friend.

I think I’ll use heat and a gear puller. I rebuilt the hubs in a 67 cj5 a few years ago, had to by 4 different gear pullers :grinning:.

Just be gentle. Some guy here broke his pulleys using a gear pulley while attempting to diy something on his benchwheel. Although judging from his posts, there was some real anger there, he probably got really impatient and forced it.

Maybe they’ve changed something as I already took one off to see how it worked and it came out pretty easily… just took a hammer and a pointer, softly pounded from behind and it was a breeze. I’ll post photos later this evening. I was not sure on the teeth distance for these pulleys. 3mm looks right. Thanks!

Hey guys, So I took the wheels and the pulleys out and as I mentioned it was not a problem. see attached photos. I’m still not sure about the pulleys I should use with the Abec 11 flywheels so any pointers on that direction would be just great! To recap, the pulleys are 48teeth, 3mm teeth spacing, the pulley is 45 mm diameter, and the pulleys teeth have 16mm width to fit the 13mm belt…

Ok… Just re read and realized you were referring to the motor pulleys and not the wheel pulleys. Anyway, is like to keep changes to minimum so, if I could find some wheel pulleys that can take the current belt and current motor pulleys it would be just perfect. O

Is the truck axle and hanger able to fit flywheels with a 15mm 36 tooth pulley? You didn’t have any trouble getting the motor pulleys off?

I didn’t get the motor pulleys off, Just the wheel pulleys. I want to avoid that if I can… I think I will order the wheels and see what mods I can make on the original benchwheel pulleys to make it all work.

Cool, let me know what you run I to. I’m gonna start on my kids next week

Hi. Just wanted to say I’m looking for the same solution so please keep us posted. Cheers

Hey guys… I gave up on the Benchwheel as the battery died and there was no way to charge it. I sent it back and got a full refund so I ordered a Koowheel v3 with hub motors instead. I’ve been looking at the urethane wheel threads on the forum as I’m sure that the koowheel will have hard wheels as well… sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this! But I’m already planning on some mods on the Koowheel and will be posting here! :grin:

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