Bending Turnigy wires

I have 2( 5000mAh 6s Turnigy Lipo) batteries is it ok to bend the wires (like maximum 90°? ) in order to fit everything in one single hardcase? I have noticed in many esk8 builds that people have been separating their batteries from the other hardware, there must be a reason.

It’s not only about the battery, but my other esk8 parts too (Anti spark switch - Esc), can I bend their wires /connectors too? They are very long and take alot of space, I don’t want to risk catching fire or any other problems.


Silicone covered wires are multi multi strand, and can be bent pretty extreme once, or twice. Same with other wires. Just guard against constant bending. Dont bend them straight either often.

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particularly balance wires as they are thin and not robust.

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Ok so basically, if I do put everything together in one box (Battery, Esc, On/off switch) it will be pretty much safe. I just have to try not to bend the wires too much and too often, thanks alot :+1: