Bent mountainboard trucks?

I hit a nasty gap in the sidewalk and went flying off of the board. I looked down and my trucks are bent pretty badly (and as you can tell from the picture it tore off my headlight), they don’t glide anymore and in the 1mile ride home they chewed a lot of rubber out of my tires… any suggestions if I should straighten them or just get some new trucks? The ones that bent have never been machined or welded on. I really expected mountainboard trucks to be more durable then longboard trucks. -MBS Atom trucks

Not worth bending them over, just buy new ones. Safer trip and no chance eating up another rubber.

This board looks very ghetto! I think it is very cool! Please share some more pics!

I agree with the above post, get some new ones. If you bend metal back and forth, it will just get weaker.

@JohnA hah bad luck, man!

Well, yeh the most easiest might be just to replace them…

Though… for tips on best mountainboard trucks I would suggest to contact with @Kaly @Duffman or @Nowind

Just try to take ones with more metal and preferably One Axle system… not 2 seperate ones, like some trucks have.

Also, 12mm axle is probably better than 10mm axle, but this changes things with wheels and bearings and in some cases might make everything worse.

@OskarCastrone here’s my build if you wanna see more pictures!

I think I’m going to look into other trucks, the problem is if I want to use regular longboard wheels I need 9.5mm trucks because that’s the biggest bearings get with an outer diameter of 22mm. For now I might just bend it all back and see how it lasts…

I ended up bending them back on the lathe, I’m planning to take it easy on them while finding new ones.

Can u describe the process @JohnA ?

How did you straightened them back to the original shape / form?

I would have done it with a hammer or something… though I never had to bend them back yet… cause I had a spare trucks when I bent one of mine…

@Okami I put the edge of the truck in the lathe (not the axel, the aluminum part). I spun it up and as it slowed I noticed how it was bent. Bent it with a hammer and pushing, spun it up and did it again, switched sides, did it again. And then I put the axels in one at a time and bent them just by tapping a hammer until I could spin it up and the truck didn’t wobble anymore. I rode it yesterday and it worked great and hasn’t bent back yet!

ah I see what you did there now :slight_smile: yeh lathe was just for ‘‘measurement’’ to see whenever it wobbles or not…

One of my axles are still a bit like banana I think… it mostly makes the steering harder… though it is not as serious as you had, where the tires started to be eaten away…

Honestly, I think the axle should perform just as well… if more impacts were made then yes, it might get weaker and weaker… but I dont see any reason why it shouldnt work at least for a while since the material there is not so weak afterall…as long as there are no visible cracks… it is probably still usable with moderation