Bergmeister pneumatics, ready to ship at a special forum discount

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Dear all,

finally, the second bigger batch for the CNC machined rims has arrived. They come in 4 different flavours:

- sandblasted and black anodised (matte)

- sandblasted and red anodised (matte)

- sandblasted and blue anodised (matte)

- sandblasted and silver anodised (shiny)

(The colours may look differently under different lighting conditions, but colours are as per below pictures)

Here are some points that I would like to highlight:

  • this batch is bigger than the first one but not massively big and stocks are limited. The next big batch (batch number three) will be ready by mid January 2019
  • we are always supportive of group buys, but can only arrange them for the next batch mid January. We can always discuss pricing depending on the order qty.
  • for group buys of min. 15 sets ( 1 set = 4 wheels), we can arrange custom anodising.
  • the website will be updated Wednesday-Thursday and the cost per set will be the equivalent TWD 6600,- which is about USD 213,-
  • when purchased from the website, free shipping will only apply with a total purchase amount of the equivalent of USD 300,- and above. For this you would need to use the code “ FREESHIPPING ” a the checkout.


For members of this great forum, I would like to offer a special discount (which will not be displayed on the website):

The offer is:

  • 1 set of complete Bergmeister pneumatic wheels incl. bearing spacer and extra 35mm bolts and nuts (that can be used to attach your own pulley)
  • 1 set of extra inner tubes for the Bergmeister pneumatics (1 set = 4 inner tubes)
  • 1 set of 90mm Senor Pepe wheels incl. bearing spacer (1 set = 4 wheels)
  • 1 set of 6pin JST esc connectors (1 set = 2 cables to be used on a dual motor setup)

- Free shipping

- USD 285,- // TWD 8800,-


Please take note of the following:

  • this offer is strictly limited to this current batch and only while stocks last. A certain number of Bergmeister sets will be reserved for the Haggy Drive System 2-in-1
  • basis first come first serve // this offer is valid for one single order
  • as mentioned before, this offer will not be published on the website and is exclusively for members of this forum
  • If you are interested, please send me an email to [email protected] with your username in the forum, the preferred rim color, full contact details (name, address, phone number) and your PayPal account email.
  • An invoice with a payment request will be sent to you. DO NOT use “friends and family" when paying via PayPal. I will cover the fees and this serves as your own protection.
  • Upon receipt of the funds, shipment will be arranged within 1-2 working days and I will then send you by email the tracking number (EMS courier) as well as a copy of the postage payment receipt


Compatible pulleys for the Bergmeister pneumatics:

  • you can download here ( ) a free .stp file for a 60T // 15mm wide universal pulley compatible with the Bergmeister rim. Feel free to modify (and share) this pulley to fit your needs.
  • @Riako has done some great modifications to this pulley, also for use with chains. I am sure he will be happy to help in case you got questions, so am I. If there is demand for a preferred pulley design, we can arrange to have it either injection moulded or CNC milled in the future


We are always happy to get feedback from the community. Our tire maker INNOVA here in Taiwan has been extremely helpful and cooperative and for the future we are also looking at making the same tire style, just with different compounds. So plenty of things to come in the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Timo (@riverside.rider)

IMG-4665 IMG-4665.JPG1728x3072 1.15 MB

IMG-4673 IMG-4673.JPG3024x3024 1.14 MB

IMG-4670 IMG-4670.JPG3024x4032 1.87 MB

IMG-4669 IMG-4669.JPG3024x4032 2.22 MB


Quick question: I’m thinking about using pneumatics for the first time… Can I use those tires with caliber trucks or will there be wheel bite ? :slight_smile:

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depends on the deck, its a combination of the deck overhang and wheel size that determines if wheel bite will be an issue or not.


Thank you for your quick answer I’m going to use this deck:

Will this work out? :upside_down_face:

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Not sure, but it looks unlikely. You might make it work with risers though. You typically need a deck with moderate to large cutouts, something like the Landyachtz Evo.

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I’d be surprise if those will work with no wheel bite. I have a similar deck. Even with torque board trucks which are wider then standard caliber I was getting wheel bite on wheels that are much smaller. You’d have to really go nuts on the riser for it to work.

Like @mmaner said… Evo Landyachtz is a popular choice. Haggy also sells his own deck and trucks, might be worth a look :wink:


Is there pictures with pulleys?

Looks good :slight_smile:

will the tube+ tire fit a trampa superstar hub?

Afaik, No way. These have smaller diameter

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yeah I dont think these will fit.

Not unless you cut it.



I have that deck, needed the biggest riser I could find out of a shop, for my weight not to cause wheel bite on 90mm abec. (so I also run my trucks very stiff due to that)

bookmarked for later…im broke AF now BUT maybe next round! I like the blue!

Hello @Mich21050 , for reference, I have put some Bergmeisters on a standard Caliber truck. There will definitely be wheel bite even on a deck like the Bustin mission. I am not a big fan of risers, but of course this is personal preference. In the below pictures you can see the Caliber in comparison with the Kahua truck. I am sure that an excellent alternative would be @torqueboards 218mm extended trucks. I am sending @skunk tomorrow some test pulleys for his surfroadz, so this could possibly be another alternative for pneumatics. But definitely be careful going pneumatics with standard trucks.

let me know if you have any questions. Timo 48 29 23 04


Wait what??


@dareno Hi Daren, any question?

@dareno is just jealous. :joy::joy:

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Too right I am!! Don’t know how he does it!! :rofl:

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He was swift and smooth, scored free gears for “testing”. That would teach us, if you snooze you loose.

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Ha hahah ok, I hope that @skunk receives the package by next week and let’s us know if surfrodz are compatible with our pulleys and especially for the Bergmeister. If all works out that also means that our 36t kegel core pulley as well as the 36t abec 11 flywheel pulley are compatible