Berseo - a sharing marketplace for eks8s & PEVs

Hi my name is Declan. Berseo is a sharing marketplace for eks8s & PEVs. We are building this marketplace for travelers and PEV enthusiasts.

We are making it easy for PEV enthusiasts to try different PEV models to see which ones they like before they make a purchase. Also with Berseo travelers now have the option to borrow a PEV from a local host instead of renting a car or using a slow on street scooter.

I would love to hear the community’s feedback on this. Also we have insurance from CNA so all hosts on our platform are covered in any cases of damage or theft. I will be available all day today to answer any questions about Berseo or electric vehicles in general.

Hi Declan. Berseo looks interesting, but it also looks to have a limited number of cities it supports. Any ideas/plans for hosting outside of those 8 cities? I might be more interested if it was something in my area.